Company History

Customs Clearing Specialists South Africa cc (CCS) was established on the 03rd September 2004 and the following day signified the first official trading day for CCS. Mr. Vincent Stout started this business from humble beginnings and with approximately 40 years experience in this industry and experience derived from working for some of the leading companies in International Clearing and Forwarding brought into effect a SME with great repute.

The main focus for CCS at initiation was serving as an International Clearing Agent for International Sea Freight, Airfreight, Mass Containerization, Road Bond facilitation and Warehousing. The Owner had a greater vision for CCS to steer this company into a new dimension.

The idea to implement a cross border clearing division was discussed and launched on the 05th March 2005. This contributed tremendously to the exposure of CCS and its firm footing in the Clearing and Forwarding industry. The rapid growth of CCS secured contracts for the likes of De Beers Group Services (Contract ended after 5 years), Namdeb (Contract ended after 5 years), FP du Toit Transport (Current), TransNamib Holdings (Current), Quality Airfreight Services (Current), IS Freight Services (Current)

CCS has also been invited to tender for the Etosha Transport and Wesbank Transport Accounts.

CCS affiliation to these companies only illustrates the competency and professional service standards.

Demographics and Border Representation

CCS currently employs a staff compliment of 17 staff members and the branches are currently located at the following South African Border posts; Vioolsdrift and Nakop. CCS also has the following branches; Cape Town (Head Office), Vioolsdrift and Nakop.

Mr. Stout also has a majority shareholding in a Namibian entity namely: Frantic Freight Services Pty Ltd (FFS). This office is based in Noordoewer. In essence this means that any transporter exiting SA and entering NAM will have the security that “one company” will be attending to their cross border needs and requirements as both entities CCS and FFS is SA owned.

As CCS employs a young category of individuals, initiative, competency and efficiency is attributed to all in our employ giving clients the desired peace of mind. The quality of our work has progressed positively in the past 12 months due to extensive focus from management on the various border branches and the promotion of our more qualified staff into Controller/Management positions. This allows for stringent Quality Control measures minimizing unnecessary clerical and administrative errors resulting in penalties.

In the event of penalties, post enquiry will determine who would be responsible for the payment. Should a penalty be issued for administrative errors on behalf of the agent this will be paid direct. Should the penalty be issued on account of the transporter, the transporter either pays direct to the South African Revenue Service.

CCS has received an Accreditation status from SARS and currently boasts this accreditation as the only agent with this status on the respective border posts. CCS is also fully BEE compliant with a Level 1 Contribution status.

CCS and FFS have built a strong relationship with SARS allowing a swift turnaround on problem solving/cross border queries.

Due to non representation on the Botswana route CCS has built strong alliances with subcontractors on this specific route who offers the same professional service. Should the transporter make use of a border post where CCS is not represented, the transporter can rest assured that their needs will still be catered for based on the existing alliances.

CCS/FFS has the resources, competency, experience and industry qualifications to offer the required service to any transporter irrespective size. Our business runs on customer satisfaction, speed and accuracy as this is the platform the company was built on.

We are also currently working hand in hand with an agent in Ariamsvlei namely Bons Enterprises which is owned by Mr. R Narib. This branch can cater for all your ex JHB consignments entering into Namibia. This company boasts sufficient experience allowing for a smooth transition through the Namibian Border.

Customs Clearing Specialists South Africa cc Inc Frantic Freight Services Namibia cc is a CUSTOMS ACCREDITED AGENT in CLEARING and FORWARDING.

Customs Clearing Specialists S.A cc is also BEE compliant (level 3) and ISO 9001:2000 certified (DEKRA).